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Being a student, if you are endeavoring for an amazing tool to easily and quickly calculate your exam percentage and final grades. It might be possible because it is natural that every student from high-level to average student wants to calculate final grades to determine his/her studying position. So, from now, you have no need to bother and find an accurate and helpful tool because through this article you will explore an amazing tool to calculate your exam percentage and final grades.

Yes, Roger Hub is one of the best calculators to calculate your exam percentage accurately. You should stop your continue looking for a good calculator. Roger Hub is designed well according to this modern era and exam number criteria.

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What is Roger Hub?

As I described earlier that Roger Hub is a calculator for students. An easy and comfortable way for students to determine their grades and also they can improve their grades with the help of this wonderful online tool. It might be a question that how a student can use it. So, don’t worry about the thinking of complexity because it has no high level of complexity and it is an online calculator and just students have to understand how to put their marks.

Roger Hub specializes in providing the result of final grades, exam percentages, CGPA, etc. This marvelous calculator works well if your grades are based on points. For instance, in your school or college, the teacher assigns you an assignment, and for every assignment, there are some points; so Roger Hub also calculates your grades that are based on points. One of the best and most helpful aspects of this online calculator is that it also assists you to improve your grades.

Through this article, you will learn how to calculate the grades in Roger Hub and how to calculate with percentage based. So, go through the article completely from start to end.

Are Overall grades necessary?

Overall grades are always necessary because, from your overall grades, you will be able to know your study position. After calculating overall grades, you will also be able to determine your weakness in the study and which subject and which part of the course needs further attention to fill this gap. It enables you to know how many grades you need to pass the task. That’s why, overall grades are vital to know in any stage of study.

Roger Hub helps you in different scenarios

As it is an online helping tool, it also helps the students when they use the Roger Hub in different types of scenarios. Let’s look at different scenarios.

•                    Weighted System

If a student wants to know his/her overall grades that are based on the weighted system then Roger Hub also assists the student. Weighted system means the weight of each assignment and students will be able to know overall grades that are depending on the weight of each assignment.

•                    Point System

Roger Hub also assists you with the grades that are based on the point system. As some schools set the weight for each assignment and as well as some schools set the points for each assignment.

•                    If grades are lower

This online calculator (tool) also helps the students to determine the weak portion of their study and how they can improve and overcome that weak portion.

•                    To know what grade you need

This amazing calculator helps you to know what grade you need to pass a task or course.

Formula to determine the overall grades

To know the overall grades it must be noted that you need to enter some other necessary components in the formula. Because overall grades comprise various components such as assignments, quizzes, classwork, final exam, weight, and points.

Overall Grade = (Weighted Total + (Final Exam Weight * Final Exam Scores)) /Total Weight

Necessary Final Exam Score = (Goal – Current * (100% – Final Weight)) / Final Weight

The first formula is for overall grade and is equal to the sum of the weighted total with a product of final exam weight and final exam scores that is divided by final weight.

The second formula is for the final exam score which is equal to the subtraction of the goal with the current. The subtraction of 100% with the final weight will multiply with the subtraction of the goal with the current. This is all divided by the final weight.

Example: percentage based

A class breakdowns the grade

Homework = 20%

Classwork = 30%

Quizzes = 20%

Tests = 30%

Assume a student received:

Homework = 80%

Classwork = 90%

Quiz = 70%

Tests = 75%

Overall Grade = (0.2*80) + (0.3*85) + (0.2*70) + (0.3*75) = 78

The overall grade is 78%.

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