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Patricia McDonald is a Global Chief Strategy Officer at Dentsu Creative in London, England, United Kingdom. She is an award-winning personality and active strategist. She was recognized at Cannes, D&AD. One Show is the best and most significant IPA Awards.

She feels honored to have worked in different famous brands in the world. She also has worked in successful companies around the world. Companies from BHH to The & Partnership to Isobar and Weber Shandwick.

Patricia McDonald is experienced in different brands and content strategies. She has a dedication to innovation. She works well with new things. Also, She is impassioned that businesses will be transformed by digital and thinks that the businesses have ability to shape society. Patricia McDonald is a good leader who tries to connect teams of individuals, encourage them to do something and support talent and she has an experience of 25 years.

Let’s explore Patricia McDonald’s experiences

She has a long time experience in different agencies. She leads the team members by providing helpful suggestions relevant to the field. In this section of the article, you will explore more about Patricia McDonald through her experiences and know-how she served at higher posts in different organizations.

•                    Global CSO

She is serving in the post of global CSO at Dentsu Creative (Dentsu’s Sole worldwide creative network) full-time. She has been working there from Jun 2022 to the Present. The responsibility of a CSO (Chief Security Officer) is that safe and secure the company data, assets, and personnel. Prevent the data from any type of breach, malware, and virus.

•                    dentsu international

 dentsu international is one the largest worldwide marketing and advertising organization networks in the world. Patricia McDonald is serving as Global CSO at Dentsu Creative from Jun 2022 to the Present. She also served as a Global Head of Strategy and Transformation at Dentsu Creative from December 2020 to February 2022 in London, England Metropolitan Area. Despite these, she also served as a Global Chief Solutions Officer at Dentsu Creative from Jun 2020 to Jan 2021 in London.

•                    As a Managing Director, Strategy and Perception

Patricia McDonald also served as a managing director at Weber Shandwick from Jan 2018 to Jun 2020 in London, UK. She led and built the agency’s strategy and problem-solving ability. One of the best achievements of her life is that she also led fruitful pitches for clients such as Twinings, GSK, Coca-Cola, the World Food Program, HSBC, Nespresso, and Oppo. She worked on some new digital products.

•                    As a Chief Strategy Officer

She has been a chief strategy officer at Isobar UK from Jun 2012 to Aug 2017. Being a chief strategy officer, she has responsibilities for all types of strategies. She had to manage the work and direct it according to the strategy with excellence especially for the clients.

•                    As a Partner, Head of Digital Strategy

She was a Partner and Head of Digital Strategy at The&Partnership from Feb 2010 to Jun 2012. She joined the agency in 2010 and she joined as a planning partner. In 2011, she was promoted to the Head of Digital Strategy. Patricia McDonald developed new brands and strategies including New International, Britvic (Drench), and Coutt’s Bank.


Patricia McDonald before entering the marketing world and experiencing different and high-level posts at worldwide famous agencies, got an education from the University of Oxford from 1994 to 1997. The Grade was Double-First in English language and literature.

Skills of Patricia McDonald

There is a list of skills of Patricia McDonald that tell the world how she led the agencies and direct the team of members and work in accordance with the strategy, especially for the clients.

  • She got the skill of Marketing Effectiveness: She served as a Global Planning Director at BBH London
  • Patricia McDonald also got the skill of Global Strategy: She also worked as a Global Planning Director at BBH London
  • She got the skill of Social Media: As a Partner, Head of Digital Strategy at The&Partnership
  • She also learned Creativity and Innovation: As a Partner, Head of Digital Strategy at The&Partnership
  • She also got the skill of Social Media Strategy: Partner, Head of Digital Strategy at The&Partnership
  • Brand Strategy: Global Planning Director at BBH London
  • Brand Architecture: Global Planning Director at BBH London
  • Digital Strategy: Global Planning Director at BBH London



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