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Eugene Isaac is a child that was born in New York. Eugene Isaac is the eldest son of Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind. The father of Eugene Isaac is Oscar Isaac who is an actor and singer while his mother is Elvira Lind who is a writer and director. Eugene Isaac got the attention of the world when his father’s news got viral with Jessica Chastain. Jessica Chastain is a TV actress.

If you want to explore more about Eugene Isaac then you just need to scroll in the article.

Eugene Isaac’s Personal Information (Parents, Siblings, and Family)

Eugene Isaac was born in April 2017 in Williamsburg, New York. I got only this information about his birthdate and I haven’t got the exact date of his birthdate. Oscar Isaac’s son is very young and he is learning different activities from his home. The father of Eugene Isaac has American nationality.

Actually, Eugene Isaac was born in a very notable and famous family because his father (Oscar Isaac) is a famous celebrity in the movie industry and his mother is also a popular lady because she is a film producer and screenwriter. Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind tied the knot in February 2017. But Oscar’s mother dies just after the month of his marriage.

The name of the grandfather of Eugene Isaac is Oscar Gonzalo Hernandez-Cano and his grandmother’s name is Maria Eugenia Estrada Nicolle.

Eugene Isaac has siblings named Mads Isaac. He has one brother in his siblings who is younger than him. Eugene Isaac is the eldest son of Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind. They belong to mixed White ethnic backgrounds. The religion of Eugene Isaac’s family is Christianity.

Let’s explore more about his father Oscar Isaac.

Information about Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is an actor and musician from Guatemala, America. He began his entertainment career in 1996. Oscar Isaac also got the AACTA Award for Best Actor because he performed his supporting role in the film. The name of the film due to which he got the Award is “Balibo” in 1996. One of the main aspects of his movie industry history is that he has got almost 60 credit awards for his acting. He was also engaged to Maria Miranda formerly in 2007 and after that, he married Elvira Lind in 2017.

Age of Eugene Isaac

As described earlier in this article that Eugene Isaac was born in April 2017 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. So, now Eugene is 6 years old from his birth year. As far as his eye color is concerned, his eye color is Brown while his hair color is Blonde. The reason behind his popularity in the world is that he is the son of the famous actor Oscar Isaac.

Eugene’s name

Oscar disclosed that he named his eldest son Eugene in honor of his late mother Maria Eugenia Estrada Nicolle while speaking in an interview with the New York Times. He also said that his eldest son Eugene reminded me of my late mother. Oscar Isaac spent much time with his mother in her last moments in hospital. After her death, he was overcome with sorrow and that’s why he took a long time period to come out from his mother’s death sorrow.

Eugene’s presence on social media

Eugene’s mother (Elvira Lind) has an Instagram account and has 100k followers so Eugene has become popular among people also through Instagram. Elvira Lind often shares his photos while he is playing the guitar and with other things. It indicates that Eugene has a love for arts and music in his childhood life.

So, now there are two big reasons behind Eugene’s fame, one from his famous father and mother also and the second from the pictures that are shared by his mother on Instagram.


Eugene Isaac is a child and now he is 6 years old and living with his parents in New York. He is so cute with brown eye color and blonde hair color. The father of Eugene is a famous actor and his mother is a famous writer and director. Elvira Lind is a caring mother and takes care of her two children (Eugene Isaac and Mads). Oscar named his eldest child in honor of his late mother.



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